louis referencing natasha bedingfield’s 'these words' at niall after his proclamation to the crowd (pointed out by loupiter), 28/09/14

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Louis untying Liam’s boots Charlotte 09282014

0:09 the formation of the Great Idea
0:16 the devious glint in Louis’ eye
0:19 Louis waiting until Liam starts singing and therefore can’t stop The Untying
0:30 the Tommo is pleased with his work
0:32 “Oops”

I could not love Louis more than I loved him at this moment



i ship a lot of otps, ot3s, brotps and foetps, but i will never ship anything as fiercely as i do ‘ragtag bunch of misfits turned found family’. 


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Mamie (Peanut) Johnson, the only female pitcher in the history of the Negro Leagues, watches Mo’ne Davis hurl shutout in opener of Little League World Series Johnson couldn’t miss seeing the debut of a kid who is believed to be the first African-American girl to play in the 75 years of youth baseball’s most storied tournament.Let’s hear it for happy tears.


Mamie (Peanut) Johnson, the only female pitcher in the history of the Negro Leagues, watches Mo’ne Davis hurl shutout in opener of Little League World Series

Johnson couldn’t miss seeing the debut of a kid who is believed to be the first African-American girl to play in the 75 years of youth baseball’s most storied tournament.

Let’s hear it for happy tears.

after giving his goodnight speech 9/28/14

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Anonymous said: why did liam unfollow you












Because he would rather protect his sexist, ignorant friends than be a good role model for his fans. 

If you want to know what Liam is currently ranting about, it’s me. 

I’m curious, do you also think Zayn supports domestic violence since he went to a club with Chris Brown? Or think that Niall supports drinking and driving since he is friends with Justin Bieber? Or are you only going to give Liam shit because he has tweeted the Duck Dynasty family and got an instagram video from them?

I’ve tweeted numerous times about how much I didn’t like Zayn and Niall going out with Chris Brown, and how problematic Justin Bieber is. Liam is the only one who follows (followed) me, and therefore the only one of the boys I was able to DM and talk to in a less hectic environment than just tweeting him. But trust me, I see the flaws in all of them. 

Okay. Makes sense, but it’s also pretty crappy the way you are spreading it around. If you truly just wanted to enlighten him as to what you think he is ignorant about, then you did that. But spreading it as much as you can makes it seem like you are trying to make him look bad. People normally spread things around in hopes that the person will see it. Well you achieved your goal of telling him how you felt so now what is the goal? Yes, many people look up to him. But many people also invade his personal life and send him hateful things. He goes on Twitter and DMs people and follows them, which makes so many people’s day better. So many people would love to have their idol follow them and reply to their DM. And I think it was cool of you to tell him how you felt personally, but comparing him to a bandmate was wrong. We all know that all the boys get compared to Harry daily and your message made it seem like Liam is a scumbag while Harry is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yes. They all have their flaws. It’s what makes them human. They are 20-something year old guys. They are bound to make mistakes but thats what makes them so popular because we can all relate. He has never said he supports anything that the Robertson family believes in. Just because you think something is funny, doesn’t mean you support it. If that was the case, then we are terrible people. Have you ever been friends with someone who is drinking underage? If so, that doesn’t mean you support and endorse underage drinking. Have you ever sang along to a rap song? Does that mean you support objectifying women? No. So what’s the difference? Because he is famous? He hasn’t done a single thing wrong in this situation. I’ve watched Duck Dynasty and think it’s hilarious. I guess I’ll go add “supporter of homophobia and non supporter of birth control” to my tumblr bio. Which by the way, by saying that them not supporting birth control is wrong, you are in the wrong as well because one of the most popular religions in the world, Catholicism, doesn’t believe in birth control. I think it’s awesome of you for standing up for yourself and your beliefs. But when Liam does the same thing (like he has in the past) people think he is an asshole. It’s a total double standard and it’s unfair to them. I’m in no way saying he is the victim, but it would be different if he said he agrees with the Robertson family and never has he once said that. Until he does, he is simply enjoying stupid American reality TV, just like millions of other people. 

Listen, I’m as bothered as anyone by Liam continuing to associate with this family after the last blow up we had around it, like it would just seem like common sense to not keep opening this wound if you can avoid it, but here’s the thing: Liam is allowed to have problematic faves like the rest of us. If you said you liked The Beatles, would I be allowed to take that as a ringing endorsement of domestic violence on your part because a member of the group was an abusive ass? Of course not. Do you stop watching TV shows because an actor or writer on the show said something offensive? Probably not. We can appreciate things without that appreciation being seen as an endorsement of the attitudes of the people behind the creation of those things. The same applies to anyone in this band. 

And this seems to stem from some idea that Liam is a role model which, can we examine this? Can we look at how toxic this concept is? It’s fine to be inspired by other people’s drive, hard work and talents, but the idea that someone has to screen their acquaintances and be cautious of which things they admit to liking publicly for fear that it might send the wrong message to total strangers who have for some reason decided they are figures to be emulated is really absurd. Could you imagine living like that? Having to answer for every dumb, offensive thing someone said because you complimented their music or show on twitter or because you hung out with them? Why are we letting young people think that total strangers should be emulated like this? 

Also can we just stop with this presentation of Harry as some progressive prince? Because he isn’t. He’s said and done sexist and racist things. He has friends who have said and done awful shit. They all do. The swiftness with which we forget his or Niall’s or anyone elses fuck ups doesn’t mean they don’t exist. He hangs out with some pretty terrible people too and hasn’t done much distancing from them, but he engages in enough surface-level progressive activities that the, for example,  casual racism of him and his friends is excusable, I guess. Harry deciding to be all cutesy about supporting Israel at a show in the midst of their government murdering the fuck out of Palestinians for the umpteenth time didn’t generate a third of the internal fandom handwringing that Liam tweeting about liking the Duck Dynasty show did. Nor did him retweeting racist shit from his UK friends or him making his fucking twitter icon a pic of him wearing a Native American headdress. 

This fandom finds acceptable targets of scrutiny and never stops berating them under the guise of progressivism and such but then gives passes to the ones who are most popular and liked, including my own fave. It’s transparent. You don’t have to like Liam’s behavior and you don’t have to disown Harry when he screws up, but this thing you all do where one member is a saint and the other treated like the devil incarnate is ridiculous and you all end up looking like hypocrites because you pretend to be concerned about these issues until your favorite member is a culprit at which point the level of your vitriol and disgust suddenly decreases tremendously. It ends up hurting those of us who are there with you when you’re writing your tumblr essays about why Liam’s latest fuck up really offended you and he should apologize but aren’t given the same support when we talk about why Louis or Harry or whoever’s latest fuck up hurt us.